Yannic Borchert

Capturing moments with people in stills and film. 


Capturing performances through my lens, I focus on the energy of the moment. With a unique perspective, I aim to tell the story of each performance, creating images that resonate with emotional depth and visual curiosities. Whether with or without music, every performance has its own artistic expression, that I want to capture.


From traditional concerts to experimental concerts – I specialize in capturing dynamic emotional moments. My approach combines technical precision with an artistic eye. With sincere passion for your music and the knowledge about what is happening on stage, every image will reflect the atmosphere and idiosyncrasy of the music on stage.


Capturing the world of opera, my approach is highly individual, crafting images that offer a different perspective. I aim to tell the story through my lens, with an emphasis on the performers emotions. Each image aspires to live its own narrative, inviting audiences to experience these stories themselves.